Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Quiet Morning

A quiet morning on Elderberry Circle and we are all being lazy. The dogs are worn out from their romp in the park last night, Lenny is zoned on his birthday catnip, and I am crashed on the couch enjoying not doing anything except read and doze.

The temp has dropped sharply from the days of our heat wave and it is in the low 50’s as I write this. Overcast and uninviting outside. Perfect for decompressing from all the busyness of the last three months. Working… Alaska… working… Colorado… visitors… dead tree… picnics… other events. More activity than a year in Osceola!

Now August will be more peaceful with only Andy and Laura’s Wedding Reception on the calendar. One long-time friend will visit for that event. Otherwise…I am left with some free time to get my book out, finish a knitting project, start a quilting project, finish John Adams, start writing my second book, take some long hikes in The Gorge, and get back to routines and a regular eating and sleeping schedule.

Neighbors from the next block came last night with a pick-up truck and loaded all the firewood from the dead tree. They have a wood stove and were grateful for what amounted to about a cord of wood. So the back corner is empty except for the stump that remains. A Family Work Day is planned for Saturday with more clean-up and possibly building a back porch/deck.

Life goes on in Wood Village.


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