Monday, December 11, 2006

Lost on Mt. Hood

Today comes news that three climbers are lost on Mt. Hood and a severe storm is making search efforts almost impossible. Freezing snow, ice, winds to 80 mph, and a high danger of avalanche are keeping rescue teams grounded. As with the San Francisco couple lost in the mountains in southern Oregon, there was a time delay in reporting that they were missing. They had left last Wednesday and were to be back on Friday. Sunday night they were reported missing. They are from out of state and none of them have climbed Hood before.

There is just no end to the people who underestimate the power of winter in Oregon. While attention was focused on James Kim, a mother from eastern Oregon was returning home from Portland when she lost control of her car and ended up dead in a ditch. Weather can change quickly, severe storms come in fast, nothing looks the same in the snow covered landscape. There’s still a high wind watch at the coast (not the time for sightseeing) and heavy snows are coming tonight for The Gorge and Mt. Hood.

Here at The Hideaway we had more of the torrential roof pounding rain but the roof held and we are warm and cozy inside. The dogs were willing to forego their walk. I am glad at this point in my life to have given up the search activities. I am glad I am not out on the mountain tonight. She is spectacularly beautiful but dangerously deadly.


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