Wednesday, January 17, 2007

What A Mess!

That’s the headline in The Oregonian today describing yesterday’s big snow storm that slipped in unannounced and paralyzed urban Portland. One TV station had full day coverage, with every slippery slope described in detail, complete with video of crashing cars and stalled semis. Mayor Potter recommended that everyone stay home. The freeways were a snarl, public transportation was jammed and running off schedule, stores and businesses were closed.

It was indeed, a day for me to curl up on the couch with my usual activities. Not so different from many of my days of lovely, lazy retirement when I just stay home and enjoy being in my own space doing my own thing. But I had forgotten how quiet things are in the snow. No traffic sounds drifting over from the freeway. No neighbors taking off for work. Even the kids slept in as there was no school. Windy left for work on the bus, leaving Gypsy in the driveway next to Rider. Two big lumps of snow. She never made it home, staying in town at Chris’ instead.

Now today it is more of the same and I missed my morning staff meeting downtown. I will also miss a community meeting scheduled for 4:00 p.m. and my Knit Night at the Library tonight. Who cares? I could struggle out and then find the events cancelled. So I am home where I belong, playing the Old Lady Card.

People are struggling with wild weather elsewhere and my friends back in Missouri are affected by this arctic blast as well, many without power. And all staying close to home and avoiding icy roadways. Back in Osceola, I kept a Storm Cupboard for just this type of event. Here, with a store practically next door and an easy walk, I have given up the practice. So...wouldn't you know it...I ended up being out of milk and coffee yesterday.

Now the dog food is running low and the Feed Store is a longer walk. Hopefully, the temperature will rise, the ice will melt, and I will be able to get out tomorrow or the next day. Five essential items you should never run out of in a blizzard: pet food, coffee, milk, toilet paper, yarn.

I’m still finishing up the crock pot soup I made last weekend. Plenty more makin’s on hand, so I won’t starve. It is very cold outside, but warm and toasty inside. Four of us are already napping (that would be Princess, Buddy, Lenny and Skye) and I am ready for a few zzzzzzz’s myself. This “mess” isn’t so bad after all!


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