Monday, March 12, 2007

Back Into Winter Mode

This time change has plunged us back into winter. Or so it seemed as I had to turn on the lights when I got up this morning. Hard to go back to getting up before the day brightens.

On the plus side, it is warm and therefore no need to kick up the thermostat to take the chill off. It felt like Spring when I went out for the paper. The air smelled fresh and newly washed with rain (yes…it is raining in Oregon!) with a faint scent of blossoms in the air. Farther in town, trees are blooming with soft pinks and budding out with pale delicate greens. Out here by The Gorge, the pine trees look exactly the same. But my rhodie bush has buds and I have spotted a few stray jonquils in yards I pass on my walks.

I’m planning a porch “garden” of brightly painted wooden decorations on the wall with wind chimes and prayer flags and things made of metal or wrought iron. This is to minimize the vandalism/animal/wind damage that my plants sustained last year, but keep the porch a pleasant welcoming place to sit and watch the world go by.

Windy brought some rainbow-colored wind chimes from Florida and I have a few sets already that I have collected over the years. My friend Ann has given me some decorations made of iron that add to the décor. This seems like a more permanent investment than plants and certainly will require less maintenance.

Not to say I don’t enjoy other people’s yards and gardens and the profusion of flowers that grace the streets of Portland. This is an amazing town when it comes to horticultu


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