Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

“Power’s out…hot water heater gave it up…no water…gas heater not working.” These were Christmas challenges from friends across the country. Here in Oregon at The Hideaway, we had rain in the dining room. Ah…the joys of homeownership at the holidays. This leak is in the same spot that leaked last year and it appears I am in need of a new roof. In the meantime, in between downpours, my son Scott made the climb to the rooftop with a bucket of tar.

When they told me I would get used to the rain in Portland, I did not know they meant INSIDE the house. We had to move furniture, relocate Christmas presents, and press the roasting pans into service to catch the drips. Despite this, our spirits have not been dampened and we are having a very special holiday together…all my children and the sweet new baby Ember.

From The Hideaway…Merry Christmas.


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