Sunday, November 18, 2007

Wrapped In Warmth

This rainy afternoon is waning and darkness will come early tonight. The TV says it is snowing at Timberline but I wouldn’t know as it is shrouded in clouds and fog. We went out earlier than usual today and now we glad to be back.

It is time to let down the shades and draw the curtains and pull into the warmth of our home here. The dogs have shaken off the rain from their walk and are snoozing on their beds. The cats have been curled up on their heated fleece beds all day. The usual football game is on TV and the afternoon pot of coffee just finished perking. (Actually it drips, but “perking” sounds better.)

Humble as my place is, it comforts me on nights like this, wrapping around me and making me feel very thankful to be warm, safe, healthy and happy. As Thanksgiving approaches, I do think of all I have to be grateful for. Family, friends, my pets, my job, my activities. I am truly blessed.

I hope each of you out there have a Happy Thanksgiving. Stay warm and safe. My best to each of you.


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