Wednesday, November 05, 2008

What Was She Thinking?

Have you ever seen an uglier, more unflattering dress than the “dripping fire” garment Michelle Obama chose to wear for her husband’s big moment? Being a true Kansas City girl (where we were raised to always worry about what to wear!), I can’t keep myself from wishing First Lady Elect had called Sarah Palin for some fashion advice. Really…it looked like a bad Halloween costume. All she needed were some fake Dracula teeth. Lucky for her Mr. Blackwell died last week. She would have topped the list.

Actually…almost everyone (including the news commentators) looked like they got dressed in the dark and chose from the back of the closet. It would behoove them to have a preview on a High Def Wide Screen before appearing on live TV. Ditch the stripes!

Could I be more catty? Yes. I am deeply thankful that I was not exposed to the sight of Hillary claiming victory in a dreadful pink pantsuit.


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