Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lifetime Guarntee

Have you given much thought to what will happen if you outlive all the lifetime guarantees on all the things that are supposed to work? Or last? Whose lifetime are we talking about anyway?

The 12-cup coffee maker just gave up and refused to get hot. The geriatric upright vacuum I inherited from my son seems to have had a stroke and even life support didn’t help. All the light bulbs used to burn out on the same day, although that may change now that I have the curlicue energy savers. I did install them on the same day so I expect them to hit the wall at the same time. The tachometer in my car has had a complete breakdown and spins erratically no matter what the engine is doing. My computer screen has switched to a pale pink and flashes to let me know I should have bought a new monitor when I upgraded the computer. The leather gloves with a “lifetime guarantee” have holes in the tips of each finger. For all of these, I believe, their lifetime has ended. And they did, indeed, last until then.

See what wisegeek has to say about all this:


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