Friday, July 24, 2009

Portland’s Three Day Summer

If it wasn’t July, I’d say there was a “touch of Fall in the air.” It does seem like that as it is quite cool and nippy. Despite the dire predictions of the weathercasters that triple digit temps are expected, it is downright chilly. And last night when I was out watching the sky, I had to wear a coat. I’m still sleeping in flannel pajamas under two wool blankets. This sizzling spell is supposed to start tomorrow and be 100°for three (count them!) days in a row. This town does not know how to react.

When I lived on The Ridge, we had a whole summer of triple digit days in Tehama County. And back in west central Missouri, there were quite a few. And no surcease at night like here where it is often necessary to get up and close the window against the night air.

Of course…I LOVE IT. The warmth eases my aches and it is a joy not to have to wear a sweater or coat all the time. Of course…every place of business and almost every home has the air con cranked, so indoors is still miserable. But I can sit on my porch and drink my iced tea and bask in the sunshine. Of course…everybody bitches about the heat. I am keeping track and I am going to bitch about the 362 days of rain and gloom and cold to them. I am going to call or send an e-mail to EVERY single one of those people on every single one of those days. C’mon folks. It is only .008% *(not even ONE percent) of the year. Suck it up.


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