Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wild Wednesday

Wild Wednesday in more ways than one. The weather is vicious and causing problems with holiday traffic, power outages, driving rain. Inside the stores it is even more wild with surging crowds shopping for Thanksgiving dinner and Pre-Black-Friday deals. I am content to be out of the fray.

I'm occupying my own living room relaxing on the couch with the three K's. Koffee, Knitting and Kindle. This investment in an electronic reader is my latest reluctant capitulation to the 21st Century's hand-held gadgets. But Border's is gone and the library has long long waiting lists for the books I want to read. Plus in weather in like this I can't be without a good book. So The Girl Who Fell from the Sky is inside the little black thingy. I knit a Kindle Kozy to protect it. Henceforth it will go everywhere with me in my knitting bag.

Tomorrow we'll gather at Andy's for a sumptuous feast, some games, and family time. I'm taking my usual Devilled Eggs. And Creamed Pearl Onions. And the knitting bag mentioned above. Somebody else is cooking the turkey. I plan to sit in the corner and knit (or read). After countless years of doing all the cooking, I am content to hand off this holiday to my son.


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