Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines Day

A winter storm rages outside, slamming rain against the house, water blurring the view from the window. This weather is bringing snow to the mountains and rough driving for the evening commute. As always…I am grateful to be safe and dry inside. Curled up on the couch with an afghan and a good book, drinking my afternoon decaf.

Valentines is not a holiday for an aging single person. No roses, no chocolates, no sweetheart surprises. I did receive three cards in the mail today. Love is different now at this stage of life. When my granddaughter says “I love you, Nanna,” my heart melts. When my daughter finds just the end table I have been wanting and buys it and assembles it and puts it in my living room, my heart feels warm. When my sons call to check on me and be sure I am okay and don’t need anything, my heart knows comfort. When friends send e-mail messages, I know I am not alone.

It is a nasty night. I worry about my family out and about in all the stalled traffic and messy roads. This town is just so wet. Really, really wet. Two years ago my roof leaked and dripped in the dining room. I have put on a new roof (at some expense) but I still rush to the spot that leaked to be sure all is still secure. Buddy who looks like a Lab but isn’t fond of water will not go out into the dark and scary night. The wind is whipping the water almost sideways. Princess loves the rain and bounds out into it without a care. We all have our own reactions to this.

It is hard to believe that Spring will come. It seems this will go on forever.


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