Monday, December 19, 2005

Looking For A Summer Job

This morning I am questioning the wisdom of choosing a job during tax season as a viable plan for income during my retirement. Tax season by definition is in the depth of winter during the darkest and worst weather months; and today, in the Pacific Northwest, winter is in full swing. If I thought I left it behind when I left Missouri…I’d better think again.

A raging ice storm is upon us and here at the mouth of The Gorge the winds are blowing 65 miles per hour. My trees are coated with ice crystals and my porch is a solid sheet of ice. I nearly came a cropper (there’s a down home expression!) when I started out for the paper. Luckily I am not without power as many people are. This is the first all-electric home I have ever lived in and the thought of no power is pretty scary. At least back in Osceola, as long as the tank was full, I had propane heat.

My storm kit is assembled. Flashlight, battery-powered radio, down coat, down sleeping bag, down comforter. Warm knit cap and mittens. I do have a little propane camp stove that I could use to heat water for tea or to warm up some tomato soup.

This was to be my first day at my new job and needless to say, I called in for a “weather day.” I want to stay in, warm and cozy (if the power stays on), and safe from the nasty elements. After the holidays, I am thinking of looking for a summer job!


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