Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Welcome Back, Jack

Down below freezing this morning and frost on the windows and the street. It is the first day of a predicted cold front that will keep temperatures below freezing through the weekend. On the plus side, the sun is out and the ice sparkles like diamonds.

Still tangled up in yarn and knitting away on my projects for the Knitting Olympics. The TV is on and I catch the news from Torino as I have my second cup of coffee and plan the second Olympics project. The first hat went really quickly and is now finished and on my head. Just in time for a chilly day’s walk.

Also on the agenda is reading the book for the next Book Club meeting in March. One that is familiar and has been read and reread already. To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee. Surprisingly, at the Monday night meeting when I was comparing it to another book, one member suddenly interrupted me and said “Don’t tell the ending, I haven’t read it.” I thought she was kidding, but in fact she wasn’t.

We then got into a discussion of high school reading lists and all agreed we were not devoted fans of Silas Marner. Divided on House of the Seven Gables. Younger members liked Lord of the Flies, but that was before my time. My favorite was Dickens’ Tale of Two Cities which I remember as the first piece of great literature that surprised me by being really enjoyable to read. It remains a favorite.

What book do you remember from High School English? Did it instill a love of reading or cause you to stay away from the classics forever? What would you choose to read on an icy winter stay-at-home day?


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