Friday, March 10, 2006

The Plot to Overthrow the American People

Do you feel safer now? After fanning the flames of panic over homeland security, the pols have defeated the proposal to hand over six US ports to Dubai Ports World. I am sure you are “comforted” (Bush’s word) that now, in addition to this little gray haired old lady not being able to take her knitting needles on an airplane, those confounded Arabs won’t be managing the inspection of cargo coming onto American soil. And will you rush now to re-elect those leaders who hopped on the security bandwagon and plotted the mini-revolution?

Let’s see. After carefully micro-managing the tiniest details of this administration’s every action for five years, the triumverate of Rove, Rumsfeld, & Cheney and their handmaiden Rice have all fallen asleep at the switch, have let something get past the gate, have been taken by surprise. Do you actually believe this? Do you believe that they have not had a hand in this, that the outcome is not a planned one. It seems pretty clear to me that a high school scenario is playing out. The captain of the football team, the class president, the most-likely-to-succeed guy along with the prom queen have sat together in the corner of the cafeteria after orchestrating some major prank and made a plan to throw their buddy to the wolves and let him take the fall.

What the heck…he’s a lame duck anyway. And we know what Cheney does with ducks. Or was that quail? Or was that a buddy? Anyhow…Bush gets to keep his title and his life-long friendship with the House of Saudi. And the boys are laughing all the way to the bank. Because you know they will have a hand in choosing the successor to Dubai. Who will it be? Haliburton? Merck? Philip Morris? the NRA? Beatrice Foods? the Army Corps of Engineers? the Indians (hey, they’re pretty good with those casinos), the Gambino Family? Anybody want to bet that the “U.S. entity” that will be handed the control from Dubai will have some tie to some or all of the above.

Meanwhile…back at the ranch…back in Iraq…back in Iran…back in China…back in North Korea…back in Venezuela & Argentina & Colombia…same old, same old. And oh yeah…while you weren’t looking…they renewed the Patriot Act (masquerading as the Meth Bill"). So…do you feel safer now?


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