Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Moving In

Not into a house this time, but a new computer. I finally had to retire Old Teck and venture into the big box stores to search for just the right replacement. Scott went with me and helped me work out the best set of specs and then find the unit that met them.

I ended up with a Compaq (hp) with an AMD Athlon 3400 processor with 512 MB memory and 160 GB hard drive. It has a DVD+RW double layer 16x drive. Does that mean anything to you? Nerds will know what it is and others don’t need to.

To save on cost, I kept my old monitor (probably a mistake) and my Inkjet printer that I hate, but… This unit has Windows XP and transitioning from Windows ME is a bit of a jolt. Graphics are different and the whole look of my screen is very different.

Thanks to Chris I was able to transfer most of my documents from the old hard drive onto his Flash Voyager and then back into the new space. There are still some missing files and some garbage that could have been left behind.

Word is on order and when it arrives I will be able to resume writing my book and preparing a manuscript for publication. It takes awhile to get settled in a new home whether it is real or electronic. But I am very pleased with my purchase and many thanks to Scott for transporting and installing and answering all my stupid questions.


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