Saturday, May 20, 2006

Gifts That Keep On Giving

My Mother’s Day gift from the children was a weekend of yard work that included cleaning up downed branches, pine needles & cones, other debris, and weeds. A pick-up truckload went to the free Yard Waste Day recycling at the high school. Andy moved and reinstalled the fence separating the dog yard from the garden yard and it looks much better. Phil planted a “bright spot” and wildflower strip along the streetside fence. Wonderful to look at as you drive up to the house and it will get brighter as the seeds burst into bloom throughout the summer.

Scott took me to Portland Nursery and we wandered through acres of plants. From the native plants we picked out salmonberry which does well in the full sun of the side yard. Also purchased hibiscus (known in Osceola as Rose of Sharon) and a spiraea. The yard is beginning to look beautiful and we will continue to add to it throughout the summer. I inherited a giant (almost as tall as I am) Sword Fern. Everything else (invasive and bad choices that were planted by the previous owner) went out to the dump.

Scott, et al brought a huge hanging fuschia and installed it on the deck outside the kitchen window (safe from the Gorge winds) and it greets me every morning. Andy found me a new version of the old-fashioned reel push mower and thanks to Windy we are keeping the grass cut (Donna would be thrilled!). Windy helped to plant a small herb garden that lives on the front porch. Basil, marjoram, rosemary, mint, chives, and Italian parsley. Also
, Windy purchased a long, non-kinking hose with a winder contraption that makes it easy to roll up. And a magic wand with ten different types of sprays. What wonderful gifts that all came with the labor attached. What wonderful children!


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