Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Hi Ho Hi Ho - It’s Off To Work I Go

Major life readjustment here as I have accepted a temporary, part-time job with Friends of the Columbia Gorge www.gorgefriends.org to fill in while they recruit and fill a vacant position. You may remember I was the runner-up in a fierce competition for an environmental spot with them back in January. When I didn’t get offered the job, I was relieved as I realized I did not want to make a long-term commitment. This is perfect as they expect to have someone hired by August and I will be back to retirement.

Since they are in crisis, I was able to negotiate some good terms. I’ll work three weeks in May (starting yesterday) and then two weeks off for my trip to Alaska. Then three weeks in June and two weeks off for the trip to Colorado for the wedding. Then three weeks in July. A total of nine weeks. A welcome of influx of cash.

Title is Conservation Organizer and essentially it is rallying the troops to fight the off-reservation casino in the Gorge being proposed by the Warm Springs Tribe. This tribe is my old friend from working in Central Oregon in the late 70s when we brought Head Start to the reservation. They have lost their spiritual compass, however, and now would like to pollute the National Scenic Area with a 600,000 square foot neon monstrosity, bringing traffic and pollution and ruining the beauty of the place.

So I am riding the Max (with an “Honored Citizen” reduced fare) and leaving the animals to fend for themselves. They did okay when I was doing taxes and they will survive this as well. It is still light in the evening so plenty of time for our walks and other outside activities. I can read on the train as I did riding the Muni in San Francisco. And it is energizing to be downtown where so much is happening.

So…time to pack up the briefcase and head out into the real world. No more schlepping around in my pajamas until noon.


Blogger Cari said...

It's funny how you get exactly what you hope for. Congrats on the exciting postion and custom terms.

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