Monday, May 08, 2006

Trial Run

Today I set up my Alaska Camp in the middle of the living room. I had to confine the dogs and keep Lenny in another room as they all expressed a little too much interest. I put up the Sportstar tent I bought a few years ago when I went to High Sierra Music Festival with some of my closest friends. A happy memory! The tent smelled a bit musty as I have not used it since, although it has traveled with me to three different homes. It is still in good condition and has the benefit of being free standing and not requiring stakes which might be hard to drive into the deck of the Ferry Boat.

It is so small I will have to sleep on the diagonal, but it will suffice to house my sleeping bag and pack and give me some privacy on the return trip on the Alaska Marine Highway System. From what I hear the “backpackers” set up camp in the solarium on board so I will be out of the weather at least. I don’t think the tent would stand up to wind or rain. It sounds like it will be fun although these old bones may have a hard time getting up after a night on the boards.

To help a little I invested in a very lightweight (1 lb.) ThermoRest self-inflating pad. Size Women’s Small which is, unfortunately, pink, but actually about the same size as I am. On top of that I have a Columbia (surprise!) sleeping bag. And to rest my head upon, a little expando pillow that pops out of a tiny bag and fluffs and puffs up into a much larger cushion.

So I am ready to go and three weeks from today I will be on my way. North to Alaska!


Blogger Cari said...

The trip sounds like a great adventure! Tip for removing the musty smell in tents that have been packed away: leave a bounce sheet or two in it when you pack it away. Also works when you take it out-- in case you forgot when packing it.

ps cute pic!

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