Thursday, August 31, 2006

Turn the Page

Time to flip the calendar and bring up a shiny new month. August has been a busy month with celebrations and frustrations and the inevitable birthday blues. I will be glad to turn the page and see the promise of September.

Pristine 2007 calendars are arriving in the mail, along with Christmas gift and card catalogs. It’s downhill to the holidays from here. Every end-of-summer I look forward to the next few months as a time of new beginnings and re-energized days. But Fall always just zooms by and suddenly it is Winter and the rain and wind arrive to make staying in the house more appealing. Now on these beautiful pre-autumn days, the Gorge beckons and I want to be out every day soaking up the beauty of Oregon.

One of my last-days-of-summer activities has always been the State Fair and today Phil and I are taking two of his clients (Steve and John) to Salem for a day of fun and junk food. Steve is in a wheelchair and John uses a walker so our progress may be slow. We’ll take their handi-van that is outfitted with a chair lift. It should be a great adventure for all of us.

The weekend is filled with activities including a Workshop/Retreat with Joanna Macy one of my favorite writer/thinker/activists. The event will be held just up the Gorge near the Women’s Forum that some of you have visited. An awesome place for a discussion of a “theoretical framework grounded in simple yet profound processes that deepen our experience of radical interdependence and enliven our ability to engage fully in healing the crises of our world.” For more about Joanna Macy and the “Great Turning” see


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