Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Winter in August

It is SNOWING at Timberline!! Forget that bit about a Touch of Fall. We are having a Prelude to Winter. Pouring down rain here at The Hideaway and dropped into the 40s last night. Back to blankets on the bed and closed windows at night. And the enticements of indoor activities like reading and knitting and watching tennis on TV.

Retooling my Autumn Activity Plans. I did not get offered the part-time job at the knit shop that I thought would feed my habit. Just as well as it would have been a long commute and a lure to spend money I can’t afford. Princess did not make the cut for the Animal Assisted Therapy Program. Just as well as it would have been a long commute and put quite a bit of pressure on her. Like me, she likes her lazy days. More time to doodle and snooze.

Still planning on taking the Oregon Tax Law course and sitting for the exam to get my Oregon Tax License in anticipation of maybe doing taxes again in 2007. The class is a 12-week commitment. Every month, I have my three get-togethers: Book Club, Yarn Yoga, and Quilt Party. Plus three hikes in The Gorge that I will be leading for Friends of the Gorge in September and October. I also attend the First Friday Potlucks sponsored by Living Earth Gatherings. Around those activities will be Harvest Festivals, the last of Farmer’s Markets, The Northwest Quilting Expo, family birthday celebrations, a Joan Baez concert, and other as yet unknown events that sound interesting.

Somewhere in there, I hope to finish a little-boy-size dog-themed quilt for Brayden, my sister’s great grandson. I think that makes him my great grand nephew. Or some such. A cutie pie who is walking at 10 months. He turns one in mid-October so I better get started!

Windy and I have some home improvement projects on deck for the Labor Day weekend. And I will be attending the Living Earth Workshop/Retreat with Joanna Macy. She is an icon and I have admired her philosophy for several years now since being introduced to her writing by my Osceola friend Larry.

The geraniums (a little worse for the wear) have been replanted and reinstalled on the porch railing and life goes on. Too chilly to sit out there this morning.


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