Monday, October 09, 2006

The Coupons Have Expired

Yesterday I cleaned out my desk and the surrounding areas which constitute my “office.” It was a rainy stay-in-the-house kind of day with football and baseball on TV to keep me company. What a giant task. Amazing as it may seem, I brought drawers full of miscellany from Osceola that I didn’t bother to sort before I packed. Then a year has transpired here and resulted in sliding stacks of papers of all kinds covering the area around my desk including the floor. So I just dug in and went through it all and sorted it and put things in brightly colored file folders and put current stuff in the desk (what a concept!) and older papers that needed to be saved in a file box destined for the storage building. Also filled a green garbage bag with unnecessary stuff like flyers for events long over and coupons long since expired.

I thought this cleansing would perhaps clear the fog around my brain. You may have noticed not much has been coming out of it lately. Friends have even e-mailed to see if I am alive and well. I have not expired. Just been very busy. I seriously over-programmed myself for October. Everything I committed to is something I want to do, but it jammed up the calendar. In fact, there is not a single day that doesn’t have at least one entry on it.

Except for yesterday, so I lounged around in my sweats and only went outside for a quick walk with the dogs between rain downpours. I took a break from the sorting to watch the Cardinals win. If you are from Missouri you will understand that. Especially if you lived or spent any time down home, you will remember listening to those games on the radio with Jack Buck announcing. The next game is with the Mets on Wednesday. Stay tuned.

Now that my work space is in order I can turn my attention back to the outdoors where the sun is shining and autumn is in full swing with scarlet trees and beckoning trails. Time to head out.


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