Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Make Way for Santa!

Have you finished your shopping yet? Are you old enough to remember when folks were incensed about stores putting up decorations before Thanksgiving? How about before Halloween? We’re up to before Equinox now, and next year, it will no doubt be before Labor Day. Inching toward the 4th of July.

On my latest I-wish-I-didn’t-have-to-do-this foray into Wal-Mart I was stunned to discover that Halloween has quickly replaced School Supplies (which appeared shortly after Memorial Day), and all household items like plastic bins and wastebaskets and bedspreads have moved to the back of the store on the top shelf to make way for Santa!

Of course, many of you will have bought wrapping and decorations at last year’s Day After Sale so you may not be tempted. But boy oh boy…are the kiddies ready. They have been seeing ads on TV for Elmo and I-pods and they are makin’ a list and checkin’ it twice.

Soon it is all going to meld and, second only to the magnitude of global warming, we will see a meltdown and merging of the seasons into one giant holiday season that lasts all year. And who else to carry the mega-mercantile banner better than our friends the Waltons.

Have you heard of Buy Nothing Christmas? Take a look at the website for the movement that started in 2005. Just think about it. What a concept! I like the suggestion to think about what you want…that you already have. I do like to remember the wonderful network of friends I have out there by sending a holiday card/note. It is hard to break away completely from the custom of giving. And maybe not what I really want to do. But I do want to resist the whole commercial enterprise and give handmade items.


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