Saturday, September 23, 2006

Here Comes the Sun

Earlier this summer, I hung a bamboo shade over one of the windows on the deck to block the bright sun shining in my eye when I was standing at the kitchen sink making the morning coffee. This morning I had to squint and realized the sun has moved and now comes up in a different spot. I am still in my first year here and consequently I am not completely acquainted with the different aspects of the seasons.

Certainly it is getting dark earlier and light later in the morning. The electric bill inched up this month and I’m sure it is from turning on lights. It’s very chilly this morning and it felt good to come from the paper dash into a warm (from the dryer) laundry room. The dogs huddled on the doorstep ready to come inside after their morning relief. Nothing to see out there as the Circle is quiet on Saturday morning.

Coffee is ready now and it’s time to kick back with my cuppa and read the morning paper and catch the Ryder Cup on TV. Today this ritual is inside as the porch is a bit damp with condensed dew (not quite frost but getting there). Quiet moments before the busy day begins.


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