Friday, December 15, 2006

Weather Report from The Hideaway

From personal observation: The trees are still standing. The power is still on. The roof is not leaking.

From TV coverage: Trees have fallen and blocked roads across the region. Over 200,000 households are out of power. Many homes have damaged roofs from falling trees and debris.

The search for the lost climbers on Mt. Hood is unable to proceed due to severe weather. There are winds up to 114mph on the mountain. (Only 65mph here in Wood Village.) No Anderson possessions are decorating the park, but the contents of the neighbor’s carport have taken flight. While the dogs don’t mind the rain, they are not fond of the high wind. Buddy pees at the foot of the stairs and dashes back in.

Blustery weather provides a great excuse for staying home in my jammies & Uggs and enjoying a lazy day. Which is what I am doing.


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