Tuesday, March 13, 2007

My Sister's Birthday

When my parents named their children, they kept the “down home” tradition of two names. Thus were born Frances Jane and Patricia Louise who were to be called Fanny Jane and Patty Lou. The Anderson parents did not, however, take into account the real people these babies would turn out to be. My sister did not like the moniker attached to her and neither did I. We each spoke out in opposition early on. By the time Frances Jane started school she was known to most people outside the family as Fran. And I settled for Lou, partly because it was easier to spell than Patricia. By what is now known as middle school, I began to insist on Patricia. In high school I shortened it to Pat.

Inside the family, it was another story. Frances became Franfie and Patricia became Tricia. To this day, these are our real identities. All my children called their aunt “Franfie.” Windy thought it was a relationship name like “Grandma” and she would ask her friends about their “Franfie.” My beautiful big sister will always be Franfie to me. Mentor, friend, advisor, companion and someone who loved me no matter what.

She was born March 13, 1921 and died June 5, 1984. Her ashes were cast in San Francisco Bay near Angel Island. I miss her very much. Sometimes I talk to her in my head. Sometimes I tell my daughter about something she would have enjoyed or laughed at or wanted to do. Sometimes my daughter reminds me of her. Today I remember her with love and happy memories.


Blogger Eugenia Jo said...

Wow, Patty Lou! I had no idea!
Today, 16 March, was my mother's birthday. Like you with Frances, I'm holding my mother's memory close today.
In Peace,

12:31 PM  

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