Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Extra Blanket

In early June I took the extra blanket off the bed after we had two days in a row with temps in the 80s. Too soon, it turned out. Since then, I have put it on and off a few times. Sometimes getting up in the night to close the window and grab it from the pile ready to be stored. Portland is still having winter!

Today…it is snowing on Mt. Hood, pouring down rain here, and the temp is 54 degrees. Hardly seems like summer to me despite the fact that solstice was last Thursday. I’m still waiting for those tank top and shorts days. We have had a total of five days in the 80s since last September. On all five of those days Portlanders complained about the heat. I can hear my friends in Missouri laughing!

Life goes on here at The Hideaway with all the usual activities, the part-time job, and now…the wedding preparations. Still…on a day like today…I can find some quiet time to sit on the couch and watch the rain pounding down and knit on the wedding shawl and enjoy the peacefulness. It is not a day to work in the yard or go for a hike. I did get out with the dogs during a short break in the weather. Now they are sleeping on their beds content to be inside.

June winds down and July is only a week away. The wedding is in seven weeks. And the baby is due in six months. All those weeks and months will fly by. So I grab these quiet moments and cherish them.

And tonight I will put the extra blanket back on the bed one more time.


Blogger Eugenia Jo said...

Greetings from the Sun, Wind, & Sand Zone!
Sweating for you down here in the desert! 102 degrees yesterday... we had both swamp coolers on!
I'll bring cold weather...AND hot weather... gear (remembering the HOT spell last summer!).. for the nuptials.

3:58 PM  

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