Monday, May 07, 2007

Four Point Landing

Ashes…ashes…all fall down! I came a-cropper yesterday and look a little worse for the wear. As I was running with Buddy, I tripped and fell forward. I was close to the back of the car so as I went down I bonked my head on the bumper and then landed face down in the gravel. Result: a heckuva shiner and skinned forehead, nose and chin. Bruised elbow, knee and thumb. Of course, we were out in the boons.

Phil, Windy and I, along with the dogs, had headed out for a hike and picnic lunch at Whistle Punk Loop up in Gifford Pinchot National Forest. We stopped in the little town of Stevenson, WA for sandwiches to take along. Then after an hour of bumping over back roads and about a mile from our final destination, we stopped to let Buddy out for a potty break.

Buddy, as you know, is “jump challenged” and needs a running start to leap into the car. I had him on a leash and was running alongside him when I lost my footing and went down ka-boom. Right into the back of the car. Buddy did not jump and instead freaked out thinking he had hurt me or done something wrong. Princess was in the car and also very concerned. Windy and Phil were at my side in a heartbeat and calmed me down.

Fortunately I had a little first-aid kit along so Phil cleaned me up and picked the rocks out of my lip and nose. I also had plenty of towels in the car (I have water dogs) so we mopped up the blood. Stopped at a little nearby market for ice which we put in an (unused!) poop bag and put the pack on my face.

Then an hour’s drive back to town and four hours in the Emergency Room. Scott met us there. We never got our hike or our lunch. After a cat scan, x-rays, and monitoring of my blood pressure and sleepiness, it was determined that I did not have a concussion or any broken bones. Bruises, cuts, abrasions, soft tissue contusions, wrenched ligaments (that’s a familiar Dx), and a black eye. Bruised ego.

I’m okay. It could have been worse. But it sure ruined a nice day and has left me looking like something from the Addams family.


Anonymous Windy said...

We're so glad you're ok. The drive was pretty, and we'll go hiking another time. Please don't do that ever again!!!! I love you! Wini

10:30 AM  
Blogger Eugenia Jo said...

OhMiGawd, what a tumble! Dang! So glad you were fully screened and that you are OK...though clearly bruised. I'm sure this close call has massively insured a very special Mother's Day for all of your family!
I second Windy..."Please don't do that ever again!!!"
With love and gratefulness for you and your family....

PS I'm writing you from Hawaii... AKA Paradise!

5:25 PM  

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