Monday, May 21, 2007

Global What?

Even though intellectually I suspect there is a connection, it is hard to believe that these temps in the 30s on mid-May mornings are related to global warming. I am waiting for the warming part to kick in! The winter weather continues, and this morning there is a steady rain pounding the roof and making the couch very appealing.

There were some “teaser” days last week when the sun was shining, and one day we had a high of 80 degrees, the warmest day since last September. I got outside and began fixing up my porch for summer sitting and knitting. Planted a little veggie garden in a wooden tub and re-potted plants that were Mother’s Day gifts. Hung up some more wind chimes.

Friday I began pulling out junk from behind the shed and taking it to the giant once-a-year trash pickup dumpster. Three wheelbarrow loads! Also one green garbage bag of unidentifiable yuck. In the process, I became entangled in wires and cords and managed to disconnect the phone line and damage the entire electrical circuit to the outbuildings. The lights are back on, but the phone is still kaput.

Coincidentally…but probably not related…Sunday the shower began to spew gray water out of the overflow pipe. Thankfully the water went that route instead of flooding the bathroom. We solved that problem too, but not until we were all soaking wet. Working outside in the rain is not my most favorite thing.

These home repairs were all done around activities on a busy weekend that included Farmer’s Market shopping, a trip to the Zoo, and a Friends Hike to Latourell Falls in The Gorge. Today I am glad to just hole up and stay dry and cozy inside. The cats and Buddy don’t care much for the rain, but Princess is in her element. So she comes in drenched and muddy and happy. Weather report says it's 33 degrees and snowing on Mt. Hood, in Government Camp and on the Santiam Pass. Wind advisory in The Gorge. Monday morning at The Hideaway.


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