Monday, July 23, 2007

Twister Weather

If I was in Missouri, I would be in the basement. I don’t think a tornado has ever touched down in Wood Village but you wouldn’t know by the looks of things. The light is that strange puce that signals a twister and the wind is whirling. As I set out with the dogs, birds were swooping in droves to roost in the trees. It is chilly but very humid and the air is heavy.

Where is the glorious summer we had for two days? I guess we caught the best of it on our camping trip. Nothing but rain and gloom this past week. Now I am glad to be in for the evening and ready to let the elements go crazy outside. This is “Mom’s Monday,” the day of the week I cook a big healthy dinner which will provide leftovers for Windy’s lunches all week. We have set aside this night of the week to be home, just the two of us, and work on whatever wedding preparedness activity is up next.

Even after she leaves to live in her new home with Chris, I hope she will come for visits on Mondays and later bring the baby. It is nice to have one night of the week reserved for family. Tonight’s menu is radiatoni alfredo with veggies and salad. These exotic pastas are provided by Phil. Samples from his employer, Classic Foods.

As the day winds down, good smells from the kitchen make for a cozy warm feeling. The dog and cats are napping in their appointed places, and all’s well with the world.


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