Friday, August 24, 2007


Sounds older than I feel on this my 70th birthday. As I say every year…it is nice to be on the right side of the grass! Counting my blessings as I sit here on this very typical Oregon day (dreary, gloomy, chilly and misting). Flowers from a friend brighten the room, the animals are all snoozing, nice classical music on the radio, and all’s well with my world.

As I enter the eighth decade of my time on this planet, I am blessed with good health, a loving family, a pleasant home, a fun part-time job, great pets, a variety of activities with nice people, and a car that runs. Can’t ask for more.

As I do every year, I will spend the day looking back at the past year and making some plans for the year ahead. Possibly a little travel (California and Missouri), time with family and my new granddaughter, knitting, quilting, reading, hiking, and enjoying life. Nothing too ambitious.

Tonight I will turn on the party lights, burn some incense and candles, and listen to the CD a friend gave me. Tomorrow the kids will assemble at Scott’s for the family celebration. A nice weekend is in store.


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