Friday, July 27, 2007

Calm Before the Storm

Usually I don’t say this until at least mid-September…but this morning almost felt like Fall. A bit of mist on the car windshield when I went out for the paper and a crisp feeling to the air. Next Wednesday is Lughnasadh which is the beginning of the Celtic Fall season. I guess my heritage is kicking in although I live at a different latitude than the Isle of Skye.

It is not even halfway through summer and the weather person on TV says more hot days to come. So far only FOUR days 90 degrees or above in 2007. Not much to whine about but the heat-haters never let up. This is my idea of perfect Oregon weather. I hope it holds for the wedding in mid-August.

Speaking of heritage, I missed the Scottish Games last weekend. I went last year and was a bit disappointed so I skipped it this year. No Clan MacLeod tent or flag in parade. Seems odd no one came forward in all the Portland Metro area. But now I am sorry I didn’t go get my bagpipe fix. Might have to pop in a CD.

This has been a stay-home morning and I don’t get many of these anymore. I’ve been relaxing on the couch and finishing a good book that has lasted two weeks. Ready for a new one for the weekend. It is nice to have a moment of calm in the wedding preparedness turmoil.


Blogger Shelby said...

I simply adore your blog.. enjoyed the reading this morning..

take care and happy Monday! :)

7:13 AM  
Blogger MJ Netsch said...

Glad it's feeling like Autumn out there. NOT so here! Always enjoy your blogs. Jane

1:20 PM  

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