Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Full Moon Rising

It’s May, and on the calendar we used to use, it should be Spring. But here in the Northwest we had four days of blistering Summer heat which ended today with a return to Winter. Back to temps in the 50s and rain, rain, rain. It is still snowing in the mountains. I guess this is the answer to my earlier question of why Oregon has mail-in ballots. Today is Oregon’s Primary.

The warmth and sunshine were very welcome for some like me. It was delightful to sit on my porch with a tall frosty glass of peach iced tea and a good book. Just as in 2005 when I wrote the first chapter of Down Home Musings, the current good book is by Alexander McCall Smith. The Miracle at Speedy Motors.

My son Phil was out this weekend and helped me finish getting my yard, deck and porch cleaned up and ready for summer. Only a few in-ground plantings so far. Two azalea bushes and some ground cover. A line up of clay pots await some bright color. I have my eye on a wooden rocking chair for the porch. I just want to sit out there and watch the world go by. And watch the full moon rising behind Mt. Hood. What a spectacular place I live in!


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