Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Fat Tuesday

People are dancing in the streets in New Orleans (where I have never been), and lining up to vote in Missouri and California (where I used to live) and other states (where I’ve never lived). So today is Super Tuesday and Fat Tuesday and Shrove Tuesday and Mardi Gras, and it also marks two months old for baby Ember. I’m ensconced on the couch watching the election news on my giant flat screen high definition TV. Off and on I read a few pages in the Book Club selection for Thursday (A Long Way Gone), knit a few rows on the never-ending Pinwheel Baby Blanket, or put a piece or two in the current jigsaw puzzle. Tonight I will babysit for my granddaughter while Windy and Chris go out for dinner to celebrate her birthday (36).

Oregon’s primary will be a non-event in May after everything is decided. It’s a vote-by-mail closed primary that will be mostly ignored by the media who prefer entrance and exit polls. It will no doubt be ignored by the candidates themselves, and I am not expecting a living room sit-down with Hillary. We might expect visits from Ron Paul and Ralph Nader, but other than that…Oregon is not on anybody’s list. It would be nice to have a say in democracy in action, but I gave that up when I moved away from Missouri and California.

Therefore, I am counting on my friends and associates to vote the right way. You know who you are…and you know who I hope to see emerge the victor.


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