Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Ghost of Lenny

Several times since his leaving us four months ago, the ghost of our cat Lenny has returned to check on things. It happens suddenly…I turn around and catch the shadow of his spirit running down the hallway or turning a corner. Once I saw his image on top of the kitty condo where he loved to sit and survey the scene. He came again on Sunday when I was in what used to be “his” room and is now the Baby Room. I was checking things as both babies were coming for a visit. I think he was interested in the changes and letting me know he is still part of the family.

I miss my kitty so much. He was a great friend and a good companion and a presence that brought me comfort in times of sadness. As Windy said, he had many tears cried into his soft fur. These days of dreary rain and unending winter would be brightened if he was still here. But he shared in the sunny times as well, and he loved to sit in the window and listen to the birds. If there was a patch of sunshine on the floor, he would stretch out there for his nap.

Memorial Day is for more serious losses, but I always take a minute the day after to remember the furry friends that I’ve lost. Honeybunch, Boss, Ogday, Taffy, Ragz, Chopper, Babe The Dog Anderson, Squeaker, Rocky and Lenny. Rest in peace, my friends.


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