Thursday, May 22, 2008

100% Chance of Rain

Years ago I made a resolution to not wish time away. I wanted to live in the moment, treasure each day as it came, make the best of whatever came along, and not accidentally drift into the future. I’ve kept that promise to myself for the most part; although like any resolution, this one has been harder to keep on some days than others. Right now, for example, I catch myself wishing for these rainy days to end and for Spring/Summer to arrive. We had four days of hot weather last weekend, but winter has returned. It becomes more and more difficult to maintain a positive outlook and actually enjoy this dreary rain.

It is a good excuse to stay in and knit and read a good book and take a nap and save on gas by not driving anywhere. Another benefit is to be able to wear my sweats, one of the few items of clothing that fits. I don’t have to worry about cutting the grass. Nor do I have to water the plants I put in the ground recently.

The long weekend looms. I have a good book but if the weather stays like this it will not last until Monday. Plans to go visit family members who are camping in nearby campgrounds may be altered if the rain continues. Most Oregonians just go on about their business regardless, but I find my energy damp and moldy. Forecast: cloudy and a chance of rain. 100%!


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