Thursday, May 29, 2008


Two weeks ago I threw open all the windows in the house and rejoiced in the balmy weather. Off came all the winter bedding and heavy blankets. I made up the bed with cool cotton sheets and a lightweight blanket. Plugged in the fans in all the rooms. Hung the dark sunscreen curtains. Summer lasted four days and now it is winter again. Cold, rainy, dreary and generally unpleasant.

So…this morning I reversed the process. Off came the cotton sheets and blanket. Back came the heated mattress pad, flannel sheets and wool blankets. I unplugged the fans, but I refuse to take down the dark curtains so there’s a feeling of being deep in a cave all through the house. It’s hard to drag myself out to do errands or even take the dogs.

I’m a summertime person and this weather is taking its toll on my spirit. I love sunshine and hot weather. I want to wear tank tops and shorts and sandals. I want to sit on my porch and drink my peach iced tea and read my Summer Project Book.

Last summer I read David McCullough’s John Adams. For 2008 I have chosen his biography of Truman. The first chapter starts out with a history of Jackson County, Missouri which is where I was born and spent most of my childhood. Also mentioned on page 28 is Osceola where I lived very recently. It all seems so familiar. The book is 1000 pages so I will work my way through it during the next few months. Which may or may not feel like summer.


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