Thursday, December 18, 2008

Arctic Blast Day Five

This storm event has pretty much paralyzed the Rose City. You may have heard about it. It hit last Sunday and took most drivers by surprise. Monday the whole town was shut down. Then Tuesday and Wednesday were days of closures, although MHCC was open. There has been full-on hour-by-hour coverage by all four TV stations.

Today my workplace has sent me a Flash Alert informing me the college is open today even though practically every other school in the metro region is closed. I will make the bus trip and go in for a few hours. My bus trip on Tuesday was long, cold, but uneventful. Tri-Met is the only option as there is a long steep hill between home and work. My Pathfinder could probably handle it, but other drivers are unreliable.

Of course, I chuckle when I think of driving in much worse weather in Missouri. Folks back in the Midwest treat snow like Portlanders treat rain. A “so-what” attitude and life goes on. I have fond memories of slipping and sliding on Highway 13 between Clinton and Osceola. In the dark. In a blizzard. More than once.

I made it to the postoffice yesterday to mail Christmas gifts. I filled the gas tank in case I need to keep warm if the power goes out. I stocked up on basic groceries. Then I came home and to my couch and kicked back with my knitting which is pretty much what I do every day.

Pretty soon I will set out for work again. I did break out my down Cabela coat that is usually too warm for Portland. I have wind pants, Gore-tex boots with Trekkers on the soles, boxing-glove style hunting mittens, a wool hat, and various safety devices including a whistle, a flashlight, and a flashing signaler. I carry my stuff in a backpack so my hands are free for balance on the ice.

So here I go...into the storm.


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