Monday, December 22, 2008

A Taste of New Orleans

Now Portlanders are finding out what it is like to experience the systemic shut-down of a city brought on by unexpected weather. It is gnarly here and getting worse by the moment. Roads are closed, drifts are high, stores are empty of necessities like flashlights and shovels. All are advised to stay home and inside and warm and I am quite content to do so.

Since I live at sea level by the Columbia River, I can’t go anywhere without going up hill which is not possible at this time. All the roads in my area have blockades up and the ditches are lined with cars and trucks that didn’t make it.

No paper on Sunday and none today and I will wait and see if the “all kinds of weather” mail delivery comes. My electricity is on (a real plus in an all-electric home!), my furnace works, I have a full pantry and plenty of activities to keep me busy. A 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle is on the folding table, knitting waits in the basket, a good book on the coffee table. I have warm sweats and Ugg boots (thanks, Cari!) and of course, this computer.

Our family gathering was Saturday so we are not stressing over driving to get together. We all have jobs where we can not show up and it is okay. I am thankful and grateful that I did not spend last night sleeping on the floor of the airport or train station or bus depot. Instead I was in my nice warm bed under my nice warm Pendleton blanket (thanks, Scott!).

Is this the flip side of Global Warming?


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