Saturday, December 20, 2008

Blizzard Warning!

This is the dire prediction for the West End of the Columbia River Gorge which is where I happen to live. Already the snow has started to fall and the wind is blowing hard and the wind chimes are dancing and ringing. It is mountain living at sea level. A strange and rare event for Portland. Apparently global warming has a flip side.

The Hideaway fares pretty well in bad weather. My new roof, window sealing, and weather-stripping are paying off. My furnace works great and I have Ugg boots and a fleece vest to wear plus plenty of afghans and down comforters to snuggle under.

My storm cupboard is stocked; I have plenty of yarn and a good book. What else can you ask for? The view out the window is beautiful. Birds are flocking to the feeder and squirrels are chasing along the fence top. My house is clean and decorated for the holidays with a huge heap of brightly wrapped presents for my children and little grandchildren.

Gingerbread just came out of the oven and there is a warm cozy feel despite the elements. A happy Solstice Eve.


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