Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dancing Shadows

The East Winds have bestirred themselves early in the season and arrived while green leaves are still on the trees. The tenacious leaves hang on the branches and wave wildly making dancing shadows on the walls inside and out. These are of unending fascination to Ember and, for some reason, to Buddy. The two of them sit side by side, mesmerized by these dancing shadows.

Is today a manifestation of global warming and climate change? It is supposed to heat up to 94 degrees this afternoon. You can, of course, wear your new Fall wardrobe as the air conditioning will be cranked full bore in all establishments and you will need your wool sweater.

Sometimes I think of other houses, other autumns. In Osceola harvesting pecans and listening to the walnuts fall off the tree in the stillness of a quiet afternoon. And in my Ozark childhood, driving to my grandfather’s in Cabool to gather black walnuts to shell for Christmas gifts. In North Highlands, raking mountains of leaves and stuffing them into green trash bags. Up on The Ridge, getting the wood in was a major task. In San Francisco, I had no leaves in my yard, but it was a time the fog would lift and you could see the Farralons.

We are moving into the season of harvest, of endings, of hunkering down and preparing for winter. A shift to indoor activities. It is a time for travel to visit friends and family. A time for celebrating birthdays and gathering for a bountiful Thanksgiving feast. We’ll rejoice in little Ember’s turning two. So much to be grateful for and each day now a blessing for me.


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