Thursday, August 20, 2009

Online Communities

Hello beloved Blog Readers. Please do not feel you need to look elsewhere to find me in cyber space. But just to be clear….Twitter is not the same as a blog. It is a very short posting of one or two sentences that total 140 characters including punctuation.

Today’s tweet: “Another quiet day at The Hideaway. Ember is watching Sesame Street and I am knitting. Summer breeze coming in the window.” Yesterday I said: “My desk is a mess with sliding stacks of paper all over it and on the surrounding floor. Crying out for a day of sorting and purging.” Twitter is not a substitute for my blog.

It is also not the same as Facebook although I am on that as well. And I’m on My Space, too. I also love my online knitting/quilting community. I enjoy communicating with friends and also with people halfway round the world that share a common interest. The stroke support group has been phenomenal. I think these social networking sites are great fun and, for me, not a waste of time.

E-mail is another form of electronic communication and I have used that quite a bit to keep in touch and send out information. However, in a Brain Fart Moment, I erased my entire address book in Outlook. So if you want to hear from me again via e-mail, please e-mail me first so I can save your address.


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