Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hump Day

It is Wednesday and after today, only two days until the weekend. A fact that mattered when I was working. Doesn’t make much difference now, as the days run together. But it is something I always associate with my sister who never failed to mention “hump day” in her letters to me.

Over the years, we had quite a correspondence. For many years she used the same stationery that she bought at Pacific 5&10 in San Francisco. A collection of pastel blue, green, yellow and pink paper and envelopes. Those distinctive envelopes would jump out of a stack of bills and ads. Those letters were my lifeline during some really tough years. I saved them and they are in a box somewhere. I’m not sure if I will ever re-read them, but just seeing the envelopes makes me feel close to her.

Not very many people write letters anymore. E-mail has pretty much displaced that activity and I am as guilty as anyone else. Old age and arthritis have made my handwriting shaky and I can type faster than I can put pen to paper. But I do still write notes of condolence by hand and unfortunately I am writing more of those these days. Hallmark has also contributed to this situation as there is now a card for every conceivable life event. Although in looking at the many cards I’ve received recently, I see everyone took the time to add a personal note. Friends mean so much and knowing they are thinking of me is very comforting.

Now that I think of it, I do look forward to weekends after all. More time with Ember, fun activities with my family, my Saturday knitting group…all more exciting than a mid-week Wednesday with nothing to do but tackle the mess on my desk.


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