Monday, October 05, 2009

Harvest Moon

The clouds gathered early last evening and the Full Moon was hiding behind them. Now morning mist hangs over the river and dew coats the car. Faint shafts of sun are trying to get through. It is a morning for regrouping after the weekend. And catching up with chores.

Friday and Saturday were spent at a Knitting Retreat at Camp Collins. Very relaxing and restorative for the body and soul, but the laundry didn’t get done. Then Sunday was the Annual Work Day at Mom’s and my sons were out to get the place ready for fall. Grass mowed, weeds eaten, leaves and pine needles blown away, gutters cleaned and fixed, potted mums into the ground, door latches repaired, new heater vents installed, new batteries in the smoke detectors, and brand new steps by the back door. Windy’s contribution was taking the dogs to the grooming parlor for top-to-bottom clean-up plus laundering the dog beds. Part II will occur in November when the sons will install an awning over the back door and shrink wrap the windows to keep the heat in. A few more safety touches here and there, followed by a trip to the dump with the “big chunks.”

Inside there are dishes in the drainer waiting to be put away, laundry to be done, toys to be picked up, vacuuming needed, and camping gear to be put away after the Retreat. Bills to pay, checkbook to balance, e-mails to write, plans to confirm for October activities, and, of course, knitting to be worked on.

It is October already and I am amazed that summer is over. If I blink it will be Christmas. My life is simple and ordinary yet wonderful because I am here to enjoy it.


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