Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Walla Walla Winds

The winds from the East are racing down The Gorge and blasting everything in their path. Here at the West End we live in a wind tunnel. My house, though, is nestled in a protected pocket under tall pine trees, and the outbuildings and glassed-in deck act as buffers. Still…thunks and clunks make me wonder what has blown over or away or off. I will have to bungee the trash cans when I put them out tonight.

The earliest inhabitants of the lower Columbia, the Chinook, thought the wind was the breath of powerful beings who lived far away up the river. “Every sigh, whistle, moan or roar of the wind seemed to them to be the voice of its spirit,” wrote Ella E. Clark in her book “Indian Legends of the Pacific Northwest.”

The Chinook believed that the cold East Wind, the one that is buffeting this area this morning, was caused by the five Walla Walla brothers. According to legend, the five wicked brothers to the east killed the five brothers who caused the warm west wind. Brave Chinook warriors took revenge leaving only one evil brother alive. That is the cold East Wind that blows in the Gorge.

Winterizing the place usually takes place toward the end of October, but we were early this year and all the outside work is done. I go by the early thickening of the coats on my dogs, the geese migration, and my own gut feeling that we will have an early winter. So I can rest easy today and enjoy the coziness of being inside.


Blogger Eugenia Jo said...

I'm glad you're cozy inside and sheltered from those Walla Walla Winds. Understand about bungieing the trash cans. I put big rocks on top of my bins. Not everyone bothers...other people's trash often flies by!
After unusual cold earlier this week, we're now back to wonderful warm fall sunshine. Hope you get the same soon!


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