Friday, November 06, 2009

Rain on the Roof

Waking up in the night with rain pounding on the roof, knowing I am warm and dry and safe in bed is a great feeling. Just roll over and go back to sleep. Now this morning a weak sun is trying its best to break through. It is definitely Winter with the thermometer in the 30s this morning.

Today is the day the First Foto photographer is coming to take the holiday photos of Ember and Oliver. I bought these packages when the babies were first born and this will be the second time for Christmas pictures. It remains to be seen if the little ones will willingly wear their adorable outfits and sit still together. This morning Ember has chosen a red shirt, pink pants and tie dye socks. I hope we can change into the velvet dress and ruffled shirt later.

Tonight we’ll be celebrating Andy’s 39th birthday at Old Town Pizza which is our common practice. Loud, noisy, crowded and great fun. I’m giving him a second-time-around gift. The afghan I made for him for his wedding gift met with disaster when someone tossed it in the washing machine and the agitator tore gaping holes in it. I finally got around to mending it. It’s been so long I think he’s forgotten it. But now that Winter is upon us, it will be nice for him to have it to curl up under and watch his CSI DVDs.

Tomorrow we’ll have a tour of Windy’s new apartment. After six months in Mom’s back bedroom she is getting her own place. She is excited to start on the next phase of her life as a single mom. Nanna of course will miss Ember but they will be in the neighborhood and over quite a bit, I suspect.

The Holidays are almost upon us and the decorations are up in all the stores. I’m not ready.


Blogger Eugenia Jo said...

Ah, shelter from the storm is a cozy comforting feeling. Yum!

Easy for me to envision all of you celebrating Andy's birthday at Old Town Pizza, since you took me there on one of my Portland visits. Cheers and Happy Birthday to Mr Andy!

And Cheers to Windy and Ember, too, in their new surroundings. I'm sure more space is a great plus for everyone.

Thinking of you and all your family and sending smiles and hugs from the sunny desert... (warm days, cold nights!)


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