Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Late Afternoon Nap

Waking up groggy and drenched in sleep. Outside bare tree branches are barely visible against the darkening sky. Too early for the neighbors to be home from work to turn on their lights. It looks like a scene from a “day after” movie. This is when I usually walk the dogs but the rain is heavy and blowing sideways and Buddy did not want to go out. Me either.

Last night I went to Powell’s and blew the gift card I got for my birthday last summer. The store is not easy to get to downtown and somehow I just didn’t get there all through the fall. I took the #12 most of the way and Scott met me at the bus stop. We spent some quality time in the store browsing and choosing and re-choosing our purchases. Now I have a stack of books on my coffee table and I am looking forward to some good reading over the holidays.

Afterward we had a fantastic dinner at Salty’s restaurant on the river. The point was to see the decorated Christmas Ships glide by, but the weather put the kibosh on that. Still it was a very pleasant evening with good food and good company. Scott’s treat as a Christmas gift.

Tonight’s plan to drive around and see the beautifully decorated homes on Peacock Lane has been cancelled due to weather. Weather, weather, weather. The Search and Rescue party is still on The Mountain but will soon have to call it off again for the 5th day. I am so glad to be warm and dry and cozy in my home with my pets soundly sleeping and holiday music playing on the radio. I have a few decorations up…lights and my tiny tree. Cards displayed on the hutch. The Nativity Scene from my childhood is waiting to be unpacked. This year Ember will put the Baby Jesus in the manger on Christmas Eve.

It’s a peaceful day with much to be grateful for.


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