Saturday, December 05, 2009

Freezing Fog

Well…I can’t see the neighbor’s ugly house this morning. Freezing fog has wrapped my place and blotted out all views. The streets are sheets of ice and thankfully it is a Saturday so folks are not having to take off early to get to work. Buddy skidded off the back steps as he went out and I was careful to hold on to the banister as I went for the paper. The weatherperson on TV says an Arctic Blast is on the way and we may have snow flurries tomorrow. This is Oregon where the weather is NEWS.

Last year I knit a pair of socks in the week I was confined to quarters by the severe weather. I am ready this year with yarn on hand to finish making Christmas gifts. I will be grateful for the extra time to knit and read. Next week is a busy time with Holiday events. It will be a shame to miss any of them but I don’t drive in bad weather despite having a four-wheel drive.

Today is Ember Louise Fay Roth’s second birthday and there will be a party for just family. No repeat of last year when 20+ people squeezed into Windy’s house. I bought Em a computer! She loves to play with mine and her favorite pastime is checking out You Tube. Her own setup will have learning software instead. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY little sweetheart.


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