Friday, December 04, 2009

Grey December Day

The sky is an ugly gunmetal grey and the sun has already disappeared behind the hill. The afternoon is waning fast. These December days as we move toward Solstice are short and mostly dreary although the sun makes a cursory appearance around mid-afternoon just before it sets.
I walked the dogs early today so we are already in for the night. I have a good book to read and an unending shawl to knit. I might even finish the crossword!

The tenacious maple leaves have finally descended and they are all piled up along my fence. The blustery East Wind helped strip the tree and my neighbor’s leaf blower finished the job. Now there are only bare branches and an un impeded view of things I don’t really want to see like my neighbor’s puke-pink house.

Earlier today I finished the Solstice edition of Vibes, my Christmas newsletter of sorts. It was up on The Ridge fifteen years ago in 1994 that I started writing Vibes. I was living off the grid so it was handwritten. It used to be mailed out to friends quarterly or sometimes monthly. In the old days before the Internet, it was often thick with copies of interesting articles I had clipped from newspapers or magazines. Now everybody can read all that stuff online.Recently, Vibes has been down to once a year. But it’s ready to go along with a photo of my adorable grandchildren. I’ve already stood in line at the post office to get stamps so pretty simple this year.

Time for my afternoon pot of coffee (don’t worry…it’s decaf) and the late afternoon news.


Blogger Eugenia Jo said...

Oh Goody...I'm looking forward to my upcoming edition Vibes. As we discovered a couple of years ago, I have all issues except one.

As we acknowledge another Solstice, the knot grows stronger, we recognize and share another turning of the annual page.

With cherished memories,

9:23 PM  

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