Sunday, January 30, 2011

I'm glad I don't live in...

Egypt (too much bloody political unrest), Arizona (too much bloody political unrest), Chicago (too much political quirkiness), Seattle (too much rain), Florida (too many old people), Washington, D.C. (too many politicians), Hawaii (too much water), Texas (too many guys in cowboy boots). I could go on and on.

And if I didn't live here, I would add Oregon to the list (too green and too "green").

I would like to live in places I have actually lived: Missouri (where I was born and raised), Colorado (where I went to college), California (where I lived most of my adult life). That's it. Nothing else appeals to me.

But my choice to move here was not based on geography but on family. All four of my children and my three grandchildren live here. So here I am. Slightly damp and a little disgruntled, but glad to be close to family.

And I have to admit, Wood Village is a fairly protected place. No danger of floods or mud slides, or hurricanes, or tornadoes, or eruptions, or tsunamis, or sink holes, or other natural disasters. And no danger of violent uprisings. No gangs, no protests, no home invasions. It's a bit boring but very safe.

So I settle down in my cozy digs and watch on TV as the rest of the world deals with violence and crime and bad weather. I am blessed.


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