Saturday, March 11, 2006


We are cleaning out our clothes closets. Easier said than done. For a packrat like me, even getting rid of worn-out, ill-fitting garments is fraught with nostalgia and memories. A favorite skirt that is now faded, the waistband stretched and floppy, the length way too long. [That is trash, not suitable for give-away.] A dress I bought when I weighed much too much and wanted to cover the lumps and bumps with a sack. Other skirts that were part of a work wardrobe no longer needed. Jackets that I never wore. A scarf with a map of California.

The Goodwill here is a Superstore and almost better than shopping at Nordstrom’s Rack! Lots of brand-name labels and everything clean and in good condition. The only used clothing store I have ever been in that didn’t smell like old shoes. I’m keeping an eye out for some nice soft well-worn jeans, maybe some khaki cotton pants for the Spring that might be coming but is not here yet.

They have other things…household items, books, small pieces of furniture, appliances. I am looking for a small crockpot to make my oatmeal in overnight while I am sleeping. There’s a chance I will see something I don’t even know I need.

The charity had a brouhaha awhile back when it was discovered that the CEO was making $800,000 plus and the disabled/down-and-out workers made minimum wage. He resigned and there has been some reorganization, and they are off my S*&% List and back in my good graces.

After my shopping spree, I’ll stop for Chai Latte and then pick up some take-out for dinner. Windy and Chris are coming over to watch a movie and vege out and take it easy before the Shamrock Run tomorrow. I do not plan to participate and I may even bow out of watching if the weather continues to be in the low 30s.

Just another Saturday in Oregon.


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